Sunday, January 13, 2019

Moving to a new blog!

Something's a changing over here - if you've been noticing a lack of action lately, it's because I've decided to move blog platforms! I know many of you have grown familiar with this blog name and while it will always hold fond memories (like when videos in 360p was acceptable on Youtube), I felt strongly that I needed a new name and space that's more representative of who I am in life right now and where I'd like to see my online content in the future. Hence, if you haven't yet made the switch over, I invite you to join me over at...


in blog, Instagram and Pinterest formats! 

This new place is a Wordpress blog and you will continue to have the option of following me via email subscription, Wordpress reader, Bloglovin' or any of my social media platforms! See you there!

I will likely leave this current blog ( open until my web-hosting expires in a few months but it will not be updated or renewed.

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