Monday, July 31, 2017

Beauty Look | Man Eater... metallic lips


Mettalic Lipstick - ManEater Colourpop

Nelly Furtado or Colourpop? In the case of today's post, it's the later but I couldn't help but hum the tune in my head whenever I pick up this lipstick! This whole makeup started quite innocently as I was testing out the new Marc Jacobs Icon Palette (whoohoo, new stuff) but quickly morphed into something else once I put on this metallic lipstick. Now, in all honesty, I never quite got on with this throwback lip trend and I actually think it's super gorg on darker skin tones but none the less I thought this face came together in a cool way.

 Mettalic Lipstick - ManEater Colourpop

The fun thing about this ultra shine finish is that the particles reflect differently depending on the lighting so while it looks a little more grungy in the shadows, the whole makeup takes on an ethereal glow in the second shot. In person, Man Eater is actually a rich metallic coppery rose.

Marc Jacobs Icon Palette

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Between you and me though, I wasn't brave it enough to rock it outside and took it off before I left the door... but I'm sure Nelly would.

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