Monday, March 7, 2016

Everyday Makeup | February Face + Video

  • PAUL & JOE | Moisturizing Primer*
  • LAURA MERCIER | Mineral Pressed Powder | Review
  • TOO FACED | Candle Light Glow*
  • GUERLAIN | Blush Duo* - Shade:Smile
  • MAYBELLINE | Brow Drama Palette - Shade: Dark
  • MINERAL FUSION | Lip Sheer Lipstick - Shade: Exotic

I use to be the type of girl to wear a full face of glam or no makeup at all. "What's the point of being half-done", I used to think to myself. Yet lately I've been testing out this idea of light makeup. Being so used to the full face I wear when filming it felt a little strange to go light but now it's become a bit of a morning perk-up routine that I quite enjoy. On these days, my focus is definitely on skin as that's where tiredness, spots and redness take a toll on my overall appearance but a little blush and lipstick never hurts either; in fact matching them together actually creates a very pretty yet delicate look! So, here's to a great start in March and many more makeup products.


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