Saturday, January 30, 2016

Ultimate Guide to False Lashes + Monolids | Video

If there's one thing that's completely changed my makeup look since my (experimental) teenage years, it's false lashes. Yet as popular as they've become in the past few years, the overwhelming selection just makes finding the right pair more confusing. And monolids? I hear your cries of despair. Because I think lashes are oh so fabulous and by very popular request, here's my ultimate guide to choosing the right pair of lashes!

  • EBAY | Natural Lashes | See it here and here
  • DOLLYWINK | Otona Natural Dolly Style | See it
As an add on, many of you have also asked about lash glue and this really depends on the type of lashes you are working with (hard band vs. soft band). I tend to wear more of the later nowadays and my focus is on quick touch ups so the Dollywink Lash Glue with a brush wand applicator has been a favourite. For tougher lash bands, I would recommend the regular DUO or Ardell versions which have a thicker latex consistency. Now, off you go to get some fabulous lashes!

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