Monday, November 9, 2015

Daily Beauty: Lipstick Rules with Estee Lauder (Video)

I'm so thrilled to finally reveal a new video series that's been in the works for months. If you've been watching me over on Youtube, I mentioned that I was eager to be able to share some of the wonderful learning experiences that came my way as a beauty blogger. Sure I could transcribe it in a post or video but what better way than to hear it straight from the source. Essentially I wanted this to be a useful and approachable way to everyday beauty and not just the flashy things you see on Instagram.

Daily Beauty is a series where your beauty questions are answered by practicing industry professionals. In our first episode, we talk Lipstick Rules with Estee Lauder's Educational Executive Jason Hadikin.

  • ESTEE LAUDER | Double Wear Lip Liner "Pink"
  • ESTEE LAUDER | Colour Envy Matte Lipstick "Unattainable"

If you have a beauty question you want added to my list, leave me a comment or join the conversation at #bunniemua on social media. See you there!

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