Monday, September 7, 2015

Try-On Haul: Summer to Fall Fashion Pickups + Video


Well, there's certainly a reason that Mother Nature is a feminized personification because just as the season officially turned to autumn at the end of August, the weather took a drastic moody turn to a wind and shower storm. While time of the year can be the most temperamental, I often think it's a fun transitional period where you can have a bit of both worlds; that summer dress you love can still pull through on a warmer day and that fuzzy sweater is ready for layering when it gets a bit breezy. I'm glad to have picked up some classic items to add to my wardrobe and my closet has been slowly feeling more cohesive but more on that in a later #WAChallenge. Plus I even have an exciting closet organizational post that's in the works!


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