Sunday, February 8, 2015

Wardrobe Architect | Defining your style | January

You know that feeling when you've started on a new big project and while it still thrills you, the realities of "oh my gosh what have I gotten myself into" is starting to sink in? That's about me right now.

With the first week of February behind us, I am fully knee deep in the Wardrobe Architect Challenge Project (see here if that term confuses you) and I wanted take a moment to reflect on January's progress and challenges. Let's talk!

If you missed any of January's worksheets (#1-4), get them at Coletterie.

Now I do fully believe that everyone has "style" and it's not a term reserved for the naturally gifted. But that's not to say that most of use don't need a bit of reflecting and prodding to really distill the things and elements that attract us into a cohesive wardrobe. January's explorations led me to think about building a purposeful style that makes me feel confident, excited and happy. Isn't that what we all dream about anyways?


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