Saturday, August 9, 2014

Tutorial: Styling Grown Out Bangs/Fringe + Video

My love with bangs is a drawn out and complex relationship that spans more than a decade. While I've always loved the sweetness they brought to a hairstyle, they must be one of the most high maintenance parts of my beauty routine. If you've got straight full frontal bangs like I do from my most recent haircut (see it all go down here) or you're in that miserable limbo of growing them out, here's how I like to keep mine under control.

  • Skinfood | Ice Vita Facial Mist (any aerosol mineral water mist will do)
  • Metal lined velcro rollers | Conair makes a "Thermal Grip Roller" that's similar
  • Jonathan Product | Dirt Styling Paste
  • L'Oreal | Elnette Satin Hairspray
With all this said and done, I'm sitting here thinking that my hair is in desperate need of a trim and a colour touch up. Looks like this is going to be a hair filled diy weekend...

Got bangs?
Share your wisdom in the comments!


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