Thursday, May 2, 2013

Say Hello to CC Creams: My very first CCs!

Well ladies and gents, it's finally time for the official unveiling of my very first CC Creams! I've dance around the subject for a while (here) and I'm thrilled to be testing out my first few contenders. 

  • MIZON | Correct Combo Cream | see it
  • TONY MOLY | Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream | see it
  • ANNABELLE | CC Cream* (Luminous & Natural) | see it
  • ANNABELLE | CC Pressed Powder* | see it
Mizon and Tony Moly products can be found via eBay and also on Korea Depart (online) for international orders. Annabelle's versions are available in various drugstores including Shoppers Drug Mart, Superstore, London Drugs and online.

My first cc creams

I have to say that I'm excited about all the options that's going to be available in the CC Cream department so there will be so many brands to play with and explore. Though I'm not yet certain if these will replace my beloved BBs, they might be a useful add on... for now only time will tell.

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  1. Thanks for the review, though to me they look like marketing gimmicks. I'm sticking to BBs : ) xx

  2. Is the tony moly one fragrance free?

    1. Hi Liane,
      The Tony Moly is not fragrance free, it is quite scented though more of a skincare scent than anything too floral or sweet.

  3. Thanks for the video, I would love to try the cc cream of banila co.

  4. Like noire, I'm also using BBcreams. Mostly because of the high protection agains UVA and UVB (e.g. Kiehls) while balancing the skin tone. These effects are the ones I look for in the top layer in my day time routine, because for deep skin care I rely on specific creams, like creams to moisturize, mattify, redness, etc. In this way I use lotion+serum+moisturizer+bbcream in this order, where the bbcream has both colour&sfp. I don't see how a CCcream can be effective for all people's skin needs, perhaps for the most frequent skin types is ok, but every time your skin's needs change you would have to use a specific cream underneath the CCcream. Anyway, let's see the next generation of CCcreams^^


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