Friday, March 29, 2013

Bunnie Loves: Ep. #8 | March Beauty Favourites

The beginning of 2013 brought a little something different to my beauty routine. Perhaps its because I started wearing my hair a little wavy but I've learned to appreciate a certain softness in makeup that's got me wrapped up in a whole different set of products in my daily routine. Less eye shadow, more matte lips and rekindling with an old flame....see what I've been using for the past while.

  • HOLIKA HOLIKA | Luminous Aura BB Cream 
  • MAYBELLINE | Instant Age Rewind Dark Spot Eraser
  • MAYBELLINE | Color Tattoo Eyeshadow "Barely Branded" | reviewed
  • NIVEA | Lip Butter "Vanilla & Macadamia" | reviewed
  • BOOTS No. 7 | Lip Pencil "Nude"
  • REVLON | Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain "Charm"
The Holika Holika BB Cream can be found easily through eBay, it's a popular product that is carried by various sellers. Everything else is drugstore available, with the Boots No.7 brand being most readily found in Shoppers Drug Mart across Canada.

BONUS: I've been in a love affair with Samsara (by Guerlain) for years now and it was only this past winter that I finally pulled together the will to get a bottle. Quite frankly I was a little afraid that once I had it in my possession I wouldn't touch anything else again. It's just an intoxicating blend of jasmine and sandalwood, an oriental allure that would have never look appealing to me on paper. I've been indulging in this scent quite a bit over the past while and loving every moment of it. In fact I might have to consider getting a body lotion version to wear for the summertime.


  1. I want, no I need Barely Branded in my life LOL Great favourites as always G ^^ xx

  2. Oh I still have yet to try Holika Holika face products yet but I am adding that to my to buy list :)


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