Sunday, February 17, 2013

Daily Link: Etude & Sulli shows you a Sweet Recipe makeup look

Here's something exciting that I saw in my inbox today, Etude House (the Korean beauty brand) has just released a makeup tutorial on how to get their Spring 2013 Sweet Recipe look! I mentioned this eye catching collection in a previous post and thought some of you might like to see the products in action.

The model here is Sulli (최진리) from the girl band f(x), who appears to be signed as the new promotional face for the line. The products themselves look like they perform well with good pigmentation (very important if they are showing this on film) and I love the bright but sweet look of the end result, very fitting for spring indeed. I think I'm lusting that eyeshadow palette!


  1. Wow :O

    It's so inspiring how with so little she can become so much. I mean beautiful... That innocent and cute look with these products really makes sense :D cuz they're cute and innocent looking too!
    Although I don't understand any of the things that were written the lipstick, liptint, lip-something made a HUGE difference! UUUH! And the inner-corner liner too ^^

  2. I've recently tried my first Etude House product and it is amazing, it's the Goodby Porever primer. Can't wait to sample more things from this brand. The makeup here is adorable ^^ Thanks for sharing xx

  3. Even without any makeup she already looked pretty! I wish I had thicker brows and lighter dark circles, then I'd be super happy! Lol.


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