Monday, February 4, 2013

Bunnie Loves : Ep. #7 | The Sneaky Beauty Favourites

I wanted to roll in a bit of a different direction for this months beauty favourites. This episode will focus on some of my behind the scenes beauty loves, those which don't get enough air time but are most certainly staples in my beauty routine (some for years!).

  • L'OREAL | Superior Preference for dark hair LC61
  • DAISO | Metal core velcro hair rollers
  • ICHIBAN KAN | Clip on vented hair rollers
  • REVLON | "Perfect Heat" Curling irons (1" & 1.5") | website
  • BODY LUXURIES | Facial buffs
  • SHISEIDO | Eyelash curler
L'Oreal and Revlon items are easy found in your local drugstore, the gold version is likely discontinued but the silver "Perfect Heat" version is still being sold. The funky velcro hair rollers were from Japanese/Asian drugstores but I'm certain they aren't an exclusive brand, SaSa carries similar ones. Body Luxuries appears to be a Walmart only brand, however Ecotools carry something almost identical and that can be found in quite a few drugstores across the nation. Lastly, Shiseido is exclusive to high end department stores (and perhaps a few random beauty shops) so head on over to The Bay to get your curlers.

Now it's your turn to spill the beans!
Do you have a secret beauty favourite?

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  1. where did you get your hair cut? Its so cute! I live in Vancouver too so I might check the place out!


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