Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Haul-a-days : What I got, what I gave & Sale season madness

I've been just a little obsessed with watching these Christmas videos lately, it's a way to extend the feel of the holiday season I suppose (which reminds me I have yet to take down the lights) and it seems like from your Facebook feedback that you all love these as well!

BOOKS THAT I GAVE (as mentioned)
  • Lauren Conrad Style | Lauren Conrad | here
  • Crafting with cat hair | Kaori Tsutaya | here
  • Macarons |Bérengère Abraham & Marie-José Jarry | here

 New Makeup -holiday

Winter Sweaters

Forever21 Camellia necklace

Forever21 Suede heels
A favourite find of this season : Forever21 faux suede bow heels 
Original : $33.80 / Sale : $8.50

I extremely happy to finally find some pretty sweaters at great prices because I'm loving the sweater and skirt look that I spotted in previous issues of ViVi. For many years I've received lots of clothing items as hand me downs, many of which wasn't quite my style but I since it fit I added them to my closet without hesitation. In the past year I've been slowly weeding out the pieces that didn't speak my taste and look forward to building a wardrobe that makes me feel happy.


  1. Aw the shoes are so pretty! I'm literally 'mint' green with envy LOL I've been looking for a carding in such colour for ages but haven't had any luck : /
    Loved watching the video... I gave some friends books for the holidays too *wink wink hahaha xx

  2. wow! enjoy your goodies! I love everything you got! let us know about that BB cream from Loreal. My mom loves the youth code treatment... xx

  3. Love that you enter pages for us to buy the products. That is great idea.


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