Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shop 'til I drop | Holiday Wishlist | LIPS

Beautysets - Shop til I drop holiday wishlist | 2012 LIPS

BUNNIE'S SHOPPING TIPS: I can't think of any makeup item more sensuous and lady like than a beautiful lipstick but don't just slap it on to your lips and call it a day, take care of your pout! It may seem easy to neglect the skin on our lips and then we go and wonder why that lipstick doesn't sit so well. Exfoliate and hydrate as you would the rest of your face and then paint them in rich festive colours!


  1. Dragon Girl is perfection! You need it x

  2. That lip scrub looks so fancy, I bet it smells delicious ^^

  3. awe......... i am loving lip colors....


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