Monday, October 15, 2012

The Face Shop | Herb Day Cleansing Foam

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The Face Shop | Herb Day Cleansing Foam | ACEROLA
(international website)

An immensely popular line from Korean brand The Face Shop, the Herb Day cleansing foam comes in many variations ranging from soothing aloe to refreshing mint and is meant to be used as a simple daily cleanser. My sample (thanks Julie!) was the acerola version for brightening up the skin, it contains a good dose of plant extracts and comes out a thick pearly liquid. It's lightly fragranced and doesn't foam up a whole lot by hand, just enough for a light lather. I did find the lather to dried out quickly so I needed to add more water to my face again to get it going. The cleanser left me feeling super clean and refreshed, however I did feel the need to put on a moisturizer quickly afterwards. Overall this variation is likely a better choice as a basic foaming cleanser for normal/oily skin rather than dry.

TFS Herb Day Cleansing foam_03
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  1. I thought the same about the cleanser! I felt like my skin was quite tight straight after and craved moisturiser straight away!

    Love the concept of flash review :)

  2. Love the faceshop! will pick this up when I stop by!


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