Friday, June 15, 2012

Fashion: Tokyo Girls Collection 2012!

I saw this in my Youtube subscription inbox and was thrilled!
I think this fashion show is so fun and much less serious than haute couture.

A few snaps as well, from the ever on trend

All photos by Will Robb for Tokyo Fashion.

To see more amazing shots from the show, visit Tokyo Fashion's event post below.

I'm working on sub-titling a Chinese speaking Korean product video which (as these types of videos do) is taking a long time to edit line by line.
Hopefully it will be out sometime this weekend!



  1. Aww, man I wish I could seen it too. . .but I wa at Jpop/Kpop event. Am glad you got watch it. Can't wait see video even though I can't speak chinese.=D

  2. thats soo cute! im not a huge fan of tokyo fashion bec i doubt i can pull it off BUT their shoes are always something to want so much! :D


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