Monday, May 28, 2012

Daily Goods: Maybelline Color Show is popping!

These colourful bottles caught my eye in Walmart and I was thrilled to recognize them from a few Maybelline ads I had seen a month ago in my magazin. Although Maybelline has been releasing nail polish for years now (including limited edition shades) these stylish bottles are a completely new addition to their brand.

 maybelline colorshow nails

I won't spoil the fun by telling you the colours right now but I think it's worthwhile to mention that these were a mere $3 at Walmart, come in a bright and extensive shade range and in case you're still not convince....they are also 3Free

Maybelline Color Show nail ad

I'm a little backlogged on my reviews but you will certainly be seeing these again.
Happy shopping stalking your local Walmart!



  1. Love the shades you picked up! What a great deal for only $3/bottle!

  2. I saw these the other day.. I really want to pick some a few shades

  3. These look wonderful! I like the bottle desing ^^ I like the green and the non-metallic blue you chose Thanks for sharing! xo


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