Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Daily Goods: Canmake Nail polish uber cute!

There are times when I justify my love for pink colourful things by saying "Hey, I'm a girl!" I think this is a good time right now, just look at these cuties. Don't they just make you smile? I've had my eyes on the Canmake nail polishes for a long time and I'm so happy to finally have them in my collection. In fact, right now they are claiming prime real estate on my shelf.

 Canmake Nail polish


L: #09
R: #39

They are a bit elusive if you don't live in Asia, I was lucky enough to catch them on Eki's blogsale. You may want to check ebay to see if there are a few floating around. The full line of the "Colourful Nails" series has a total of 55 colours and 4 nail care items and retail for 360yen. Remember to check back for a review of these coming soon!



  1. I really like the hot pink one with the shimmer! Looking forward to your review - I hope they have good lasting power!

  2. eBay tends to be the saviour!

    I started a new blog yesterday, and in one of my first posts I recommend a SPF cream you might be interested in. I know you have combination skin that may break out if using the wrong products, I'm like that myself. And also it seems as if you want to keep your skin light? The cream is oil free and non-comedogenic. I got mine a couple of weeks ago and I haven't broken out :)

    Anyway, check it out if you want!


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