Friday, May 4, 2012

Daily Goods: American Apparel...NAILS?!

Well hello gorgeous...

American Apparel Nail Polish

American Apparel

L: Factory Grey
R: Rose Bowl

After ogling at other people's swatches of American Apparel polishes, I finally went to the store and bought my own. I'm not a AP kind of girl so I never had reason to venture further than the display window but these lacquers are gorgeous. In fact, I might be slightly more enamored with the packaging-design than the colours themselves. Just beautiful all the way around.



  1. Lovely colours! Have you used them yet? Do they chip easily?

    1. I've only done a tiny nail swatch but haven't worn any of the colours fully yet. I'll be sure to post up a swatch or mini review or something once I play with them a while.

  2. I want all the American Apparel nail polishes ! They are all so beautiful .



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