Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My favourite: Blushers!

I hope you're ready for some fun because today's post is going to be colourful! Blush was one of those makeup items which took me a long time learn to appreciate, even though I've always had one or two blush products in my drawers since I started with makeup, it never struck me as something which was overwhelmingly exciting.

Fave Blush_2012-Group
Thankfully, I've grown to really enjoy blush products now from all the different shades down to the textures and finishes. Though I am very particular to certain colours of blush, all of these blush items (except Pink Leopard) come in an array of other shades for you to choose from.

Here I gathered up six different blushers from my collection and grouped them into pairs of two based on their texture/finish with options for both ends of the budget. So if you are ready to jump in, click the the video to get rolling!



Below I have included more photos and swatches of each item mentioned in my video along with any other details you may need to know.

Fave Blush_2012-02
  • Shimmery mix of peach, pink and milk chocolate tones
  • Effect: Beach babe sunkissed glow, especially for fair skin. 
  • Colours: One universal shade.
  • Available from Sephora, TooFaced online and some department stores
  • (www.toofaced.com)

Fave Blush_2012-03
  • Shimmery mix of pale pink, bright pink and deep rose tones
  • Effect: Warm glowing cheeks.
  • Shades: Other variations available
  • Available in most major drugstores.
  • (www.physiciansformula.com)

Fave Blush_2012-05
  • Bright peach/pink matte mousse blush.
  • Effect: Youthful bright pop of colour.
  • Colours: Other shades available.
  • Available on ELF's website and select drugstores.
  • (www.eyeslipsface.com)

Fave Blush_2012-06
  • Pink/orange with fine shimmer.
  • Effect: Soft and slightly powdery youthful blush.
  • Colour: Other shade variations available.
  • Available in most major drugstores.
  • (www.maybelline.ca)

Fave Blush_2012-01
  • Bright slightly blue based blush with a slight sheen.
  • Effect: Naturally lit within glow with subtle highlight.
  • Colours: Other shades available.
  • Available from online retailers such as ebay.
  • www.candydoll.jp

Fave Blush_2012-04
  • Bright blue based hot pink, matte.
  • Effect: Extremely natural skin-like blush.
  • Colours: Other shades available.
  • Available from NARS online and Sephora.
  • www.narscosmetics.ca
Thank you for stopping by to read today's post. Ideally, I will update you all with a new edition to this post next year. I hope you found something that tickled your fancy and to add to your wishlist!

Do leave me your own blush recommendations!


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