Monday, April 9, 2012

Daily Goods: Anastasia merges skincare & makeup

Even as a beauty enthusiast, there is a first time for everything and while Anastasia has been around the industry for a good while now, this is the first time I've owned an item from this high end Hollywood line. Of course Anastasia is well know for her brow line and being the Queen of Brows (as I've been told) it's only natural that she eventually bring her line over to colour makeup.

 Anastasia Illumin8 eyeshadow palette

What caught my eye with this palette, aside from the beautiful colours, was the claim of the "Youthful Synergy Complex" which is meant to decrease wrinkles and boost hydration. While I'm not quite seeking any serious anti-aging items yet, I can certainly use a little hydration around the eyes. Plus, as someone who experiments with and wears makeup frequently , I'd love for my colour items to do something more than just sit on my skin.

Anastasia Illumin8 eyeshadow palette

Just with a quick look, I am smitten with the casual luxury that this product represents. Very sleek, quite sophisticated and something I can imagine Jennifer Aniston putting around her eyes. With four colour duos that can be worn in their corresponding pairs or mixed together, there are enough variations in finish and colour to produce a good array of different looks.

Anastasia Illumin8 eyeshadow palette

I'm looking forward to testing out this beautiful palette and perhaps even featuring it in a tutorial or two! For all those curious about the Anastasia line, I believe they can be purchased from her salons in Beverly Hills, her online shop as well as Sephora locations worldwide.



  1. i love the colours! i'm in the market for a palette and not sure which one to get. would love to see a tutorial featuring this :) also did you buy this at a sephora in canada, if so how much was it ?_?

  2. I love the colors too!


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