Sunday, January 15, 2012

Daily Goods: Xtreme wear nailpolish in pastels

I think I'm going to start posting "Daily Goods" where I'll post up a quick snap of something fun I happen to buy without having to shuffle them all into a large fancy haul video.

Today's item are these cute little nail polishes from Sally Hansen.
They've had these shades for a good while now but right now seems like a good time to get know, in anticipation for spring.

Sally Hansen Xtreme wear nail polish --pastels

Strobe Light.
Lacey Lilac.
Mint Sorbet.

I also find this to be a rather amusing photo because it was snowing the day I took the photographs even though the colours are so spring/summery.


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  1. i also have mint sorbet, if i were to use my nail polishes more often id get more use out of it~~~but i guess im just not a nail polish person cuz my nails are always short..and i can never have them looking

    but i really like the purple one..the glitter one looks like its going to be messy and a bit hard to use, but maybe as a nice top coat???



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