Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Best nude lipsticks (2011 edt)

Wheeeeeee, you can't imagine how much fun I had picking out the products for today's post. Nude and pinky lipsticks are my kryptonite, I own way to many and while I am absolutely certain that each shade is unique, many people can't tell the difference and wonder why I keep so many of the "same colour".

Today I want to share with you some of my favourite nude lipsticks (perhaps I will remember to do this yearly as an update?). I'd say there are a few key things to keep in mind when searching for a nude lipstick...
  • Undertone (cool/warm/neutral)
  • Texture and Finish: Sheer? Matte? Glossy?
  • Intensity: Super pale or Warm Caramel?
I'd say that out of these three points, "undertone" is the most difficult one to tackle mainly because when it comes to nude/beige shades, the undertone is very difficult to detect. My suggestion is just to try it out on your lips, if it somehow doesn't "feel" right the there's probably something amiss. Most people would be able to pull neutral shades and either a warm or a cool shade as well.

Ready to get going?
*click the video to play*

You can view my foundation matches & other details HERE.

A quick photo roundup...

 Fav Nude Lipsticks--(1)-2011
  • CANMAKE Lip concealer
    • Coverage: medium to full
    • Intensity: pale to light
    • Finish: satin (with an ever so slight hint of shine)
    • Availability: drugstores in Japan/Asia or online for the rest of us!
    • Other: Love it's versatility but don't like how SMALL it is.
    • Review of this HERE.
  • MAC "Myth" Lipstick:
    • Coverage: medium to full
    • Intensity: light
    • Finish: matte / satin
    • Availability: MAC online or via MAC counter/ department stores
    • Other: Can be unforgiving and harsh if you're not careful, can also be tricky to apply.
    • Review of MAC lipsticks in general HERE.
  • GOSH Velvet touch lipstick "Darling"
    • Coverage: light to medium
    • Intensity: pale to light
    • Finish: glossy
    • Availability: Some drugstores or online
    • Other: It's sometimes too light even for my skintone but I do adore the glossy finish.

Fav Nude Lipsticks--(2)-2011

  • NYX Round lipstick "Summer Love"
    • Coverage: medium to full
    • Intensity: light/medium
    • Finish: Satin
    • Availability: Drugstores or online
    • Other: This is a very close match to my natural lip colour, would make a great everyday nude for those who are afraid to go too pale.
  • NYX Round lipstick "Orange Soda"
    • Coverage: medium to full
    • Intensity: light/medium
    • Finish: Satin matte
    • Availability: Drugstores or online
    • Other: One of my absolute favourite lipsticks, just enough pop but still a works like a nude.

Fav Nude lipstick --(3)-2011

  • Mayelline Colour Sensational lipstick "Beige Bombshell"
    • Coverage: medium to full
    • Intensity: medium
    • Finish: Satin
    • Availability: Limited edition but may still be available online.
    • Other: So rich and creamy and such a sophisticated colour.
  • REVLON Super Lustrous lipstick "Just enough buff"
    • Coverage: sheer and buildable to medium
    • Intensity: medium dark
    • Finish: Cream (according to the label) but more like Satin/glossy
    • Availability: Drugstores everywhere or online
    • Other: A very universal shade, would look great on the fairest of skintones to deepest cocoa skintone! Win win!

Hope you enjoyed today's post.
Do share your favourite nude lipstick shade!


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