Saturday, September 3, 2011

Here's my quick post for the day...
sharing some more goodies from San Francisco ^-^

I am quite thrilled with being able to go to a Kinokuniya bookstore, if you haven't been before...WHY NOT? It's so diverse and interesting in there and of course if you are a manga/anime fan then you'd probably just camp out there for a few days.

Walgreens & Japantown haul

As for Walgreens, I am absolutely besotted with that shop and its a good thing that one seems to pop up at every corner. It convenient and it has a good variety of items. Considering the one near our hotel was a small location it still had a decent stock of brands and was well organized.

Walgreens & Japantown haul

The Wet 'n Wild palettes were basic additions to my kit. I was hoping that they would have some more of the Maybelline limited edition stands but alas nothing, however I am glad that the new Master Drama was available and let me give you a hint: ITS FABULOUSLY DARK! The Vanilla Carmex was a surprisingly lucky find too since I have been running out of my regular Carmex in a tube. Granted the sticks are generally not as moisturizing but at least the medicinal smell is gone.

And lastly I leave you with this photo...more SanFrancisco vlog videos to come



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