Thursday, June 23, 2011

A room of one's own

Hello again Everyone,

I hope you are still feeling crafty because I'm going to continue with another craft-related post (feeling in the mood as I am working on more patterns and items).

 CottonTime Sewing stations

This time, I want to share with you some design ideas for your workspace. These are some photos from a magazine called COTTON TIME and many of them feature crafter's work stations.

*Jealous Maximilius!*

from minimalistic designs like this simple SINGER setup....

(the sewing machine flips up from the top lid)
CottonTime Sewing stations
 maximizing your free side of the wall.....

its' really a crafter's dream right here.

CottonTime Sewing stations

Enjoy the photos!

CottonTime Sewing stations

Don't forget that wall space can be extremely useful for hanging baskets and bins therefore getting them off of the table/floor.

CottonTime Sewing stations

You know that 1/2meter of space on top of your shelf? Don't let it go to waste!
Put the things that aren't often used up there...think TALL!

CottonTime Sewing stations

CottonTime Sewing stations

I am currently in the middle of having my own organizing makeover, I'll try to remember to snap a couple of shots when I'm done ^-^


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  1. I've never seen crafters' workspaces looking so beautiful!!!


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