Tuesday, June 7, 2011

HAUL: Etude Etude ^-^

Hello Everyone!

I'm so happy to be able to share today's ETUDE HOUSE haul with you. I was lucky enough to have my friend bring me back some Etude items all the way from Korea which is very exciting.

Etude Haul

  • MISSING U hand cream
  • Golden Ration Face glam
  • TOUCH TOUCH Shadow-Liner
  • Face Color Corset Highlighter
  • Top10Tan Eyeliner
  • Sweet Eyes Cupcake
Etude have always got me hooked with their cute packaging and innovative thinking in terms of products and there shouldn't be a reason why makeup/skincare can't be effective, affordable and beautifully packaged right?

Watch my video for more juicy details on these products!

I can certainly see a couple of these guys being "favourites" potentials. 
For the most part, I am thrilled with the items I choose.

Got a favourite ETUDE HOUSE product?
Please recommend!


  1. I love your etude house haul video! I am so in love with them! I understand your feelings on the foundation though. I'm a paaaale white girl but I was able to get away with the lightest precious mineral bb cream. I also mix in some sunscreen lotion, for moisture and to lighten it a bit more and it doesn't make me break out! That and my Vitcara mascara are my favorites so far!

  2. hey...
    have you use their toner and face wash ?
    Does it make any different after you use it ?
    I plan to buy it but not sure if I would like to get this etude brand.


  3. @010

    I've never used their face wash but they do have LOTS of products for skincare, I did receive a small sample of the Collagen Moistfull toner and moisturizer and I thought it was quite decent!


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