Sunday, April 17, 2011

Review: NARS Desire & Turkish Delight

Hellooooo Everyone,

Here's a NARS face for you! Today I want to take you through 2 of my NARS products...actually they are the only two I own. A blush and a lipgloss.

FOTD 04-07-2011

I think NARS has really grown a whole new cult of its own...I'd say they are considered the luxury equivalent of MAC or MakupForever and they certainly know how to market themselves well to that image.

First up is a NARS Blush....

NARS Blush

NARS Blush

NEXT...a very very famous lipgloss....

NARS lipgloss

Let's jump into the video and see
how these two match up to their fame!

Final Thoughts....


NARS Blush
  • Incredible smooth light powdery residue on the skin.
  • Overall good selection of everyday shades.
  • Generally good pigmentation.
  • **Oxidized on me....oh woe....


NARS Lipgloss

  • Sheer-->light coverage.
  • Great non sticky, non oily, non greasy feeling...almost like a lip balm.
  • Smooth and comfortable to wear.
  • ***Sorry, no baby lips for least not with this gloss alone.

And face!
[with both of these products on]

*non edited, as you can tell by my pores and skin texture*

Have a great day!

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