Monday, February 7, 2011

Swatch: Essie Van d'go

So this may sound like old news but I recently got my hands on the ESSIE Spring 2010 polish called Van d'go. I love trying out new colours at a great price so I hunted it down online and here it is! And as much as I know there are "in" trends for nail colours just like makeup or fashion, I really just wear the colours that I like.

ESSIE Van d'go --swatch

Even though I am a product junkie, unfortunately, I'm not that great at nail blogging. One I don't have fantastically great looking hands/nails but mostly because I wasn't sure how to "pose" to show you all the swatch. *FAIL---LOL

I am besotted with this colour right now, I showed in one of my haul videos and yes, while it does look rather mundane in the bottle, it truly is a beauty in real life. It gives a great "punch" of colour that is perfect for Spring. [Spring hasn't quite hit here yet, but I can still be wishful!]

I edited the photo to try and get it to be more "true" but its still just a bit brighter/pinker in real life. Its really a nice medium between peach and pink with a hint of...neon undertone(?) that makes it stand out vibrantly against the skin.

No need to go for hot pink.
This is a great alternative that is just as effective!
I'm sure I'll be wearing this one often this Spring/Summer.


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  1. I keep seeing pink everywhere! Must try it!

    xx THE CHEAP


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