Sunday, February 20, 2011

Magazine demo: Natural & High Impact Gyaru Eyes


Today's title sounds rather contradictory right?

However, while the looks shown in these demos (from Popteen magazine) are high impact such as intensity in the lashline...they still remain natural and approachable because of the soft eyeshadow and the unified blending.

Oh and not to mention the monotone looks with a hint of warm calls on this seasons hottest colour trend. ORANGE.


Nude lips here are achieved by putting concealer over lips to "erase" the colour prior to lipstick. (Thats NARS concealer if you were curious.) However, I highly suggest using a proper product made for the lips (I'm not sure how "edible" concealer is.) such as MAC's Lip Erase or one of the many Japanese lip concealing products out there.

[Products shown: NARS Concealer, NARS Lipstick, Candydoll Lipgloss]


Contouring is also a HUGE part of creating a natural but high impact look, though at first you might disregard it as a small step but one you compare with a before/after photo, the difference is very noticeable.
I've noticed in many Japanese magazines that countouring is often done in the foundation step using a darker foundation for shading instead of relying heavily on bronzer that North Americans magazines usually do.

[Products: RMK Base & Foundation, NARS Pressed powder, MAC eyeshadow, Lunasol Eyeshadow Quad, KATE Gradation eyeshadow, NARS eyeshadow duo]



And of course switching up your eyeliner and false lashes can completely transform your eye look as they demonstrate here.


And lastly, a little extra tibbit about different types of false lashes applied without other eye makeup so you can see either different effects. I think I like the spiky, gathered types best.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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