Thursday, June 24, 2010

Spring fashion Do-it-yourself!

Hello Everyone!

I was just reading the new issue of ViVi magazine [love it to bits and pieces] when I happened upon a section about "do it yourself" decorating! My inner craft-nerd was super excited about this, thought I would share it with your guys.

I like how these methods are really simple but transformative. Goes to show you that all you need are some scissors [my favourite sewing tool!] and some scraps to make it come together :)

In Japan they call it DECO
*Click pictures to enlarge on Flickr*
VIVI 08-2010 DIY2
*Bling bling shoes? No problem.

VIVI 08-2010 DIY1

VIVI 08-2010 DIY3
*I'm not from the Grunge period but I do love those bleached jeans :)

hOpe yoU aLL eNjoYed

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  1. oooh...Ilove DIY!!! haha

    thnks for sharing!!!

    Much Love,
    enchi <3


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