Saturday, April 10, 2010

Haul: E.L.F. Studio Line Haul

Aloha Everyone

Nice sunny day today, thought i'd post up pictures of my recently arrive haulage from E.L.F. (eyes, lips, face).
They are an American brand started up by a husband who thought his wife pays way too much for cosmetics. Thus the brand's motto has been to provide affordable makeup to the everyday woman. If you think money = quality..well, there are exceptions. And ELF is definitely one of them.
There Studio Line is packaged very suspiciously like NARS products but instead of the hard to clean rubber (that picks up EVERY little speck of dust), these are black plastic!
Colour wise, they are quite pigmented but perhaps not as smooth or long lasting (comparatively with other high end brands). The line is regularly $3 or so per/product but they do have sales like 50%- which is when I got mine.
*you can purchase ELF from their website (the most convenient way) but they also do sell in some drugstores*

Now..on to the LOOT!
*as always go to flickr by clicking the photo and choosing *all sizes* to see larger pictures, especially for ingredients etc.*

Elf Studio Powder Brush

Heard this "powder brush" was really good for foundation because of the flat top and the fluffy bristles. Compared it to my EverdayMinerals Flat top kabuki brush. I see a couple of hairs that missed the trim!

Elf Studio Contoring Blush

Anyone else see the NARS reference here? Suspiciously look-alike to the orgasm and laguna duo. But this one does have mineral oil. Just beware.

Elf Studio Eyeshadow

A sucker for neutral eyeshadow, pickup up this guy.

Elf Studio Warm Bronzer

Not a huge bronzer gal but for 1.50usd and a quartet of colours? Why not?

Elf Studio Creme Eyeliner

Lastly, I've been wanting a white shimmery eyeliner or something but haven't found a good one. Hopefully this one will end my searches.

Enjoyed the loot? Next week is IMATS so stay tuned for more haul goodies!

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  1. oh my gosh i've wanted to try out the studio line for so long but i don't know where to get them from since i'm in australia :(

    thank you for the photos hun!


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