Saturday, January 23, 2010

Review: ebay Lashes 217 Long and Natural

Check out these awesome lashes, I got them super cheap from ebay. Now as usual, shopping from ebay can be questionable but be sure to check their seller history and feedback and usually things are okay.

I dont wear false lashes everyday since I find them uncomfortable if I leave them on too long and it was just a hassle. The seller had a couple styles available and I choose these ones because they weren't as "thick" as the others...

You get 10pairs of lashes + shipping for less than $6cad. That's a fab deal considering MAC lashes go for 14.00CAD/pair right now (plus tax).
What I love about the lashes is that instead of being on a clear wire base, these have a black thread like base...maybe nylon thread? This means that the lashes are very flexible and quite comfortable to wear.

Here's a picture of me wearing them

My only complaint? They are slightly too long for my taste, but in pictures they look quite good. Oh yeah, I am wearing eyelid tape on my left eye [your right in this picture] in case you were wondering.

I'm really leaming for a pair of Dolly Wink lashes though, but considering I don't wear lashes that often, not sure it they are worth $10/pair... any suggestions? Anyone tried them? Are they worthwhile?


  1. oooo they look so gorgeous!

    i have a huge set like this too but the lashes are ridiculous looking! haha

    which seller did you get them from? ^^

  2. I've been eyeing the false lashes on ebay as well!

    I do agree that it seems a bit too long. But they look pretty natural.

    Which seller did you get it from? :P

  3. I THINK i got them from ebetter2009
    They have a whole range of different styles and shipping is super reasonable!


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