Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winter Nostagia -Lip Smackers

Remember these things? Lip Smackers were my first ever beauty product. My first "set" was from one of the Christmas collections with MINT-CHOCO *looooove* and I was crazy about it until.....I lost it. Since then I have moved on to other things (Hellloooooo MAC) but I always thought about reuniting with my first love.

So when saw this again this Christmas in a kit, I HAD TO GET IT!!!! And it smelled just like how I remembered it to be, even though I now find the glitter too rough and annoying I will use it just for memory sake. Oh its a wonderful nostalgic feeeeling.


  1. it was my first too!!
    I had it in a grapefruit flavor..XD

  2. haha i totally just posted about lipsmackers the other day too!! aren't they tasty? :P reminds me of my childhood ^^


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