Monday, December 5, 2016

Makeup Look + Video | Glam Holiday x My most expensive face

Holiday Glam Red - Asian Makeup

Holiday Glam Red - Asian Makeup

Holiday makeup tends to have split effect on people; you're either over the moon about all the glitz and glam or you are terribly afraid of having put on that red lipstick you never wear in an attempt to look festive. I'd like to think that the colder season makes it not only acceptable to wear more makeup but also, if I'm going to be rocking that orange eye shadow I never wear - then it might as well be at a place where I see people only once a year. 

Holiday Glam Red - Asian Makeup

This look came together in an attempt to break out of my neutral safety zone and since it is the beginning of that most expensive time of the year, I thought it would be fitting to pull out some of my most luxurious products for this look. Limited by colour options and struggling a little with my eye shadow choices this finished makeup some how took an 80s turn. Now, who's going to lend me an emerald green sequined shoulder padded dress for the party?


  • BURBERRY | Fresh Glow* - 54
  • GUERLAIN | Lingerie de Peau* - 69
  • YSL | Touche Eclat* - 50
  • GUERLAIN | LE Meteorites powder compact* - 210
  • CHARLOTTE TILBURY | Swirl and Pop - 50
  • HOURGLASS | Ambient Strobing powder - 48
  • KEVYN AUCOIN | Sculpting Powder - 53
  • SHU UEMURA | LE Haute Street Palette* (Warm)- 90
  • AERIN | Cool Gel Liner * - 28 USD
  • HOURGLASS | Eyebrow Pencil - 40
  • MUFE | Lip liner* (25C) - 22
  • MARC JACOBS | Lip Cream Lipstick* (Core Cora) -38

Oh yeah and in case you missed the memo - the first day of snow has landed in Vancouver! Let the rain-boots, panic and bad traffic begin.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

CLINIQUE | Very Honey Holiday Palette

Clinique Very Honey Holiday Palette

Clinique Very Honey Holiday Palette
CLINIQUE | Very Honey Holiday Palette | $44CAD

Holiday makeup palettes come and go but this pretty find from Sephora x Clinique has been one of my favourite purchases in the last month or two. Named after their best selling black honey range, this compact is housed in a sturdy padded case with a purse like click closure and includes 13 multi-sized eye shadows along with brush applicators. I want to say that there must be some reason for the different sizing corresponding with the colours themselves but I haven't cracked that code yet.

Clinique Very Honey Holiday Palette

I love that this is a mid-tone shade selection so you can choose to wear it lighter or darker depending on the occasion so it gives me plenty of options even when I wear this all week. The overall look lean towards the cooler, mauvey taupe end of things and the shadow finishes range from satin and soft metallics to mattes. One to two of the mattes feel a little dry to the touch but it doesn't seem to affect the colour payoff. If you're looking for your shadow to slay the world then this is not for you. But if you like Clinique for their approachability and office friendly options, Very Honey Holiday would make a lovely everyday grab 'n go kit when you don't want to be fumbling through your drawers or even a gift for someone starting out with eye makeup. 

I will see if I can muster up a makeup look to show you this in action before the holidays end but as this is a limited edition item, I say grab this while you can!

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Makeup Look | 2 Step Smokey Eyes ft. Armani Eyetints

Armani Eyetint Shadow Smoky Eye

GIORGIO ARMANI | Eye Tints* | #01 & #10

One of the effects of hoarding makeup is the co-hoarding of makeup photos. The thought is that I try to take a few pictures whenever I try out a look or a product just in case I want to pen my words later on but between transfers and messy folders, there are photos that I hardly remember. Digital organization is a major challenge and whilst I bought myself an external hard-drive promising to back up files in case of a digital apocalypse but still it sits there gathering dust. As these photos were labeled Armani Eyes, I guess this is what I shall leave them.

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

The "Just Enough" Handbag | ft. Zara

Zara Quilted Bag
ZARA | Quilted Bag on Chain

I'm the type of girl who has a lot of baggage... yes, I carry everything and the kitchen sink so getting me to scale down has been a long running challenge. And who better to come to the rescue than everyone's favourite luxe-for-less brand Zara! All around the year they carry different versions of these classic quilted bags and after ripping open the packaging, I'm happy to say it's just enough.

Big enough...for my long wallet, phone, keys, small camera, compact, 2 lipsticks, band-aids, glasses, cute enough... for going out to an event or just running errands, versatile enough...because of the transforming chain strap detail and secure enough...since the the bag has a full zip and not just the flap). For those who are not a fan of big flashy logos but still want that classic look, this is it. I think we'll definitely have lots of adventures together.

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Friday, November 25, 2016

5 Cool Shareables | #2

BDELLIUM TOOLS OVAL BRUSH | You might be a brush collector or maybe you're not but you must have seen these oval brushes floating around social media in the last year. On the high end of the spectrum, Artis Oval Brushes run for upwards of $80+ a pop but I'm thrilled to see affordable brands taking the leap. This one from Bdellium tools is a smaller size but certainly big enough for concealer, blush and granted I've been trying it out for foundation application as well. Korean brands like Etude have also put out their own versions but this might be easier to get your hands on.

HOME MADE MODERN | Did I ever tell you that I scored some pretty high marks in my 8th grade wood working class? Well, the teacher did cut out my piece because I was too scared of the life sized standing wood cutter but I'll let you know I was a brilliant sander and painter - lol. Home DIY has always been a hobby I'd hope to adopt one day when I actually have a place. My latest addiction is Home Made Modern, a couple who puts together industrial chic handmade projects using simple materials like wood, concrete and metal pipping - you know, perfect if you just so happen to live in a hipster loft in the middle of Gastown. My personal favourite is this mid-century inspired piece using IKEA brackets.

NIKE HUARACHE TRAINERS | Here's something out of the ordinary for ya - I've got my eyes on a pair of Nike trainers. What? Yes. While my personal style is rather casual and feminine, I've been trying to avoid the sneaker, runner, trainer situation for as long as possible. If I need to go do something sporty I have a really displeasing pair that I wear for getting dirty and not for looks. I would wear slip ons, loafers, flats and anything to avoid looking sloppy. But you know what? I miss socks. I miss the feeling of being cushy and warm and cozy in socks and this pair of Huarache Ultra SE shoes are not only cool looking but the colour palette even fits with my wardrobe. Anyone tried these yet?

LINJER HANDBAGS | What makes you buy a good handbag? The design? The quality? Or the brand name with the shiny logo on it? I recently stumbled on this video about a logo-less leather handbag company called Linjer and it sounds like the perfect thing for minimalists and low key lifestyle lovers. The brand's keystone is built on producing quality products that well.. has no visible logo or any branding features on the outside. This means no stamping, no metal name plates and no embossing on zippers. Checking their website, it seems they also do watches as well as other unisex small leather goods. 

"FAMILY PORTRAIT" BY CHEN HAIWEN | Cultural studies has always been a keen fascination of mine and growing up in different countries over my lifetime has more so than ever fueled my interest in knowing more about peoples and places. I came across this book by Chen Hai Wen when prepping something for my food blog and while my Chinese wouldn't be good enough to read most of the details in Family Portrait - the idea of this collection really excites me. You'd never think it but being part of the largest ethnicity in China means that my heritage and history has become so normalized that it feels almost...boring. I'm currently trying to locate a copy of the book to add to my personal collection but until then, China Today has some photos of the book online if you fancy a closer look.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

3 Things | ESSENCE Fall Pickups

ESSENCE Makeup Haul

ESSENCE Makeup Haul

Nesting itself in elusive corners of Shoppers Drug Mart, I always make a point to stop by a shop with an Essence stand whenever I pass by - granted I may have also starred those shops on my Google Maps. Known for being inexpensive, fun and making some darn good drugstore lipsticks, I ended up with a little trio of goodies to perk up my mood during this rainy month. 

First is the new Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base which I believe is an update to their original formula and not a replacement. Comparing the two, this one has a much lighter peachy pinky tint which could work well for those who found the original too beige and dark. Second to catch my eye was this romantic pink eye-shadow single in Rosie Flamingo which is beautifully soft to the touch and is a mix between a metallic and a sparkle. Third comes this 2-in-1 Liner Shadow pencil in She's Got the Mauve; twist up style and very richly pigmented, the creamy formula seems like it would make an excellent everyday one and done shadow or even as a shadow base. Self restraint was certainly needed not to take all 6 shades of this home but I managed to walk out with change for my $20 bill and three pretty little things to add to my collection. Win.

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