Friday, October 21, 2016

5 Cool Shareables | #1

K is for Kani | This Cosmic Love

K IS FOR KANI | Connie's blog is one I've been reading for the past year and gushing over everything from the bright and beautiful colours to her sweet casual fashion sense. Not to mention she runs an Etsy shop that sells flower crowns… I mean we can all do with more flowers in our lives right?

MASTER PALETTE BY MARIO | Blame it on the Instagram hype but my heart fluttered when I laid eyes on this palette. I've never owned an ABH eyeshadow before but word on the street is saying YES YES YES! I think the variation on brights (aka. Colourful but tonally muted down) makes this an interesting twist to my usual nude collection but I'm still a little on the fence. Are you getting this one?

DIY PLAID & FUR THROW BLANKET | This rainy week has me wishing I could be forever bundled up in a cozy blanket and this DIY version from Sewbon with faux fur on one side plus plaid on the other would be so perfect on the couch or over a bed. It's a super easy construction using only straight lines and looks just as luxe something you could buy from a home d├ęcor shop.

HOMEMADE BUTTER | You know when you're video hopping on Youtube and suddenly run into something amazing? That's what happened with this homemade butter recipe from Gemma's site Bigger Bolder Baking. I mean if it's this easy to whip up some butter, then where has this been all my life!

BULLET JOURNAL INSPO | Having used my Happy Planner for a couple of months now, I realize that I am an awful doodler. Maybe it's my more serious art training background but letting loose with some casual scribbles is actually frustratingly hard. Eva's blog, Forever Good Life documents her own bullet journal ideas as well as sharing beautiful inspo from other people.  I love how her style is decorative yet not overwhelming - you won't find her hoarding pages of stickers - and super functional.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Burberry Black Perfume - making it my own

My Burberry Black Parfum

What makes a perfume a classic? 

Maybe it's a stylish bottle. Maybe it's the amber and tortoise cap. Or maybe it's the special monogram. This fall Burberry brings out My Burberry Black* and invites you make this your own. For me this meant pairing it with my current favourite silky scarf in a bold flowing print. As Burberry knows from the success of their iconic twill trench coats, fabric can be incredibly luxurious and individual. Throughout the design, you can find nods to its fashion heritage from the button inspired cap to the garbadine twill knotted bow (the textile invention that is the cornerstone of the brand).

My Burberry Black Parfum

This new version of My Burberry takes on a sweet demeanor with notes of warm amber, rose and peach, mingled with jasmine and patchouli. While sugar seems to be the buzzword for fragrances this year, this one surprised me with how well balanced it is - it's present without shouting, sweet without being cloying, young but polished. The promotional video features a very sexy Lily James but use a light hand and this can certainly be day time appropriate while easily lasting 5-6 hours on my skin. There's also a politeness to this version if you will, as the scent stays closer to the wearer without taking over the entire room. 

My Burberry Black Parfum

As I'm busy packing away summer clothing this weekend and resurrecting all my lovely knitwear, I can't wait to wear this out more often with a turtleneck, my handmade double slit skirt and a silky scarf topped with a wool coat. In fact, I might even be a little indulgent and do a little spritz in my closet before putting all the clothes back in. And for those already making their holiday wishlist, Burberry is offering free monograms for all bottles.

Stay cozy,

Friday, October 14, 2016

Calling all foodies: My delicious new blog is up!

Happy end of the week to you! I'm popping in today with a quick shout to let you know about my new food blog which launched last month. It's a venture I've been thinking about for a long time now and while I enjoyed posting Foodie Tuesday segments here on this space I always felt like the layout, the format and the atmosphere just wasn't quite right for me to delve deeply into the subject as I would have liked. Every time I came to typing a post, it felt like I was always holding back to make sure it wasn't taking over the main theme of my blog which had always been beauty and lifestyle focused. So, I changed things up.

For clarification, all recipes filmed will still be posted to my main Youtube channel since I can't fathom handling two separate accounts but other food related posts including places I eat at, ingredients I cook with and general food chatter will henceforth live over on Carrots 'N Chopsticks.

Additionally, layout was another important factor for the blog switch as I wanted a big visually stimulating arrangement to talk about food and I am thoroughly in love with the square puzzle composition that you will see on the main page. I can imagine that a few months down the road this entire wall will be filled with amazing experiences and you can see it all at once, all in one place. 


Of course the hidden change is that this will be my first attempt at Wordpress - a platform I've long heard about but have been afraid to dig into and I'm excited to see what little tweaks and conveniences it offers. As readers, you will still be able to comment and share posts as usual but there is no follow button for Bloglovin' or Google Plus (I think it has something to do with the free hosting versus paid hosting) so your best way to keep in touch is via email subscription at the bottom of the blog page. In the meanwhile I will be migrating some old food posts from here to there while attempting to add weekly content so I look forward to seeing you soon!

Stay cozy & dry,

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

iHerb goes K-Beauty: A mini haul

iHerb Korean beauty products

As if I don't already shop enough on iHerb, I'm thrilled to share with you that this popular natural product focused site now carries a small selection of Korean beauty products. At first this seemed like an odd fit since these aren't necessarily organic or fully natural brands that iHerb is known for stocking but on the flip side K-Beauty boast plenty of cosmeceutical items which I suppose makes them at least partly natural. Either way, I've been more than happy to sneak in a few beauty products with my regular grocery orders so here's what I've been (secretly) hoarding from the last few packages.

  • LANEIGE | Water Sleeping Mask
    • I've loved the previous versions of this and it is the holy grail original sleeping mask for many beauty lovers. This here is the updated version and packaging.
  • HERA | UV Mist Cushion
    • Another original beauty item here, Hera and IOPE have gone head to head for years for the best highend cushion foundation when the category first came on the market.
  • CLIO | Kill Black Liquid Eyeliner
    • I've giving this one a try since I still haven't digested the thought of paying ridiculous pricing for my fave Dollywink liner to be shipped overseas and CLIO's version is a magazine award winnning favourite.
  • MISSHA | Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule
    • Always been curious of this one and I don't think I've dabbled in Missha skincare.
  • TONY MOLY | Intense Care Dual Effect Sleeping Mask
    • Another repurchased item in a new updated formula, its similar to the Laneige sleeping mask but if I recall correctly this focuses more on healing rather than just hydration. I'm hoping it's still amazing.
Ordering from iHerb for the first time?
 Gives you $5OFF order* and iHerb donates $5 to charity.

Despite being a small category, there's still plenty of popular items to choose from including the ever popular Elizavecca bubble mask and CosRX skincare but stock does go in and out quickly so be sure to check often or sign up for email notifications. From my last few check ins, it seems they are slowly adding more products here and there but its' always in small quantities and there doesn't seem to be any permanent brands which I presume is due to overseas import availability. Pricing is similar to that of eBay although some products are slightly higher. Any thoughts on this K-Beauty update? Or better yet, I'd love to know if you've already picked up a few things yourself!

Chat soon,

 * This post contains an iHerb affiliate code that earns me credits as part of their rewards program. If you use it, thank you.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Favourites #22 | August - September Edition


  • Eco Tools | Double Ended Brush Set
  • Aritaum | Modi Glam Nail Polish
    • 250 Ginger Brown, 231 Hologram Gold
  • Sally Hansen | Colour Therapy Nail Polish*
    • Blushed Petal,  Cool Cucumber
  • 3CE | Creamy Blush* "LoveCraft"
  • PIXI | Multi-balms Sticks*
    • Watermelon Veil, Wild Rose
  • Contigo | Waterbottle
September means changing out your closet, finding that quick 10 minutes makeup regime, upping your nail polish game and cozying up your nesting space (more on this part in a later post). My latest favourites and everyday products are more on the practical side though no less exciting in my eyes. Hey, sometimes a good water-bottle can bring you unexpected daily happiness!

 Chat soon,

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Rimmel | Colour Precise Eyeliner Pen - bright blue & white !


Oh eyeliner. I am forever chasing the next best colour, formula and gadget. While black (and recently brown) has been my colour of choice, there's no hiding the audible squeal when I saw these new Rimmel liquid liner pens because - brace yourselves - it comes in white! Now that's something you don't see everyday... but how do these really perform?

RIMMEL  Colour Precise Eyeliner Pen

Brand: Rimmel London
Product: 24 Hour Colour Precise Eyeliner Pen*
Size: 1ml
Colours: 001 Black, 002 Blue, 003 White
Price: $8-10CAD
Availability: Drugstore nationwide.
Would I (re)purchase: Probably not.

If these remind you of a mix between the Stila Stay All Day liner and the Maybelline Studio Precise liner, you aren't alone. Over the years, the pen format has become my everyday staple because I can do it with one hand plus it fits neat and small into my traveling makeup bag. These Rimmel Colour Precise options features a very long felt tip nib that's well loaded with product from all sides. Medium and thick lines are easy to achieve and I love that the entire tip is flexible right down to the base. The body of the pen itself has an every so slight contoured grip 3/4 way along the barrel for a comfortable grip - a small but welcomed detail!