Wednesday, March 22, 2017

ESSENCE | Satin Touch Blush + swatch


ESSENCE Satin Touch Blush Review

I might be a bit of a makeup hoarder but blush has always one of those things I can pick one and be perfectly happy for months on end. And when it comes to options, the drugstore has some hidden gems - like my recent find from Essence which has quickly gained top shelf residency all for less than a cup of coffee.

Brand: Essence
Product: Satin Touch Blush
Size: 5 grams
Colours: 3 shades (shown: Satin Love, Satin Coral)
Price: $2.99CAD
Availability: Essence online, select Superstore & Shoppers Drug Mart
Would I repurchase: Yes!


ESSENCE Satin Touch Blush Review

Housed in an easy to see plastic flip lid pan format, the Essence Satin Touch Blush has slightly varying colour options depending on your country as I've found 3 shades listed on the Essence international website but only 2 shades online and in stores here in Canada. The names of the colours may also vary but look for the quilted design on the powder. All shades are quite wearable and appropriate for pale to medium deep skin tones. To the eye there's micro shimmer flecks in the product but on the cheeks it truly just comes off as a sheen. Personally I find Satin Coral to be more flattering on my complexion with both heavy and light makeup while Satin Love is a little too deep and needs to be paired with a more done up face.

ESSENCE Satin Touch Blush Review
ESSENCE Satin Touch Blush Review
L-R: Satin Coral | Satin Love

To the touch, this Essence blush comes off quite powdery but packs a strong punch in pigment even with a light swipe. When used with a brush, there very little powder kick and application should be smooth and flawless. The colours are true to pan and I do love how it doesn’t look heavy on the skin and is instead youthful with a slight satin sheen as the name suggests. With this type of pigmentation, I recommend a duo fiber blush brush and a very light hand to build up the colour to suit your makeup for the day.

ESSENCE Satin Touch Blush Review

Despite not marketed as a long wearing product, I was excited to find out this is an impressively long wearing product for my combination skin and every time I had a chance to check on my makeup expecting the blush to have faded, it was always still there. I would put this at around the 4-5hr mark easily and even a few more hours if you work in a mild temperature environment. Granted I've worn this in the crazy snow season this winter in Vancouver and it's lasted me the whole work day until I was ready to take it off, all with very minimal fading. It seems to work well with both liquid and powder foundations with little difference.

The Satin Touch Blush by Essence is a complexion flattering, well pigmented blush with a youthful sheen that will be well loved for the casual makeup wearer who needs an everyday staple that can be put on in 5 seconds. I love that while the brand is often marked to a very young demographic, the colours here are actually quite sophisticated and easy to work with. It's a hidden gem that takes a little hunt to find here in Canada but will surely be worth your time. Go and get it!

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Monday, March 13, 2017

My first progress | #sewwithgerry

Sleep Tight Quilt

I've always made it perfectly clear that despite my love for sewing, quilting was not my calling. And granted while I still don't think I have the patient and dexterity for real piece by piece quilting, I was completely smitten with this Sleep Tight fabric collection designed by Sarah much so that I am now in possession of a piece of this all the way from Japan, shelled out money for quilt batting and am now madly Googling quilting for beginners. If you look at the history of the craft, it was traditionally born out of making do with fabric remnants and scraps but has now grown into a huge community. In fact, here in Vancouver, I'm willing to bet there's many more quilters than actual garment sewists. 

With the print on this fabric being the star of the show, I didn't want to cover it all up with machine quilting stitches so instead I'm going to attempt some hand work to go over and around the animal motifs and then finish things off with an extra border to add length and width to the panel. Too much newness for a first time quilter? Guess we'll find out!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

OMOROVICZA | The Cleansing Trio



Water, a family legacy, a love story. This is the life of Omorovicza.

While skincare hype comes and pretty little jars come and go on the internet, my latest experience with Hungarian luxury brand Omorovicza caught me off guard. After experimenting for years, I'd like to think that I know what my skin likes, wants and needs but when a cleanser leaves your face glowing like a fresh facial, I think we've really hit on something fantastic. A wonderful marriage between nature's healing waters of Budapest and a scientifically patented Hydro Mineral Transference system, in the past few weeks, I've grown rather smitten with this cleansing routine…

Friday, February 17, 2017

REAL TECHNIQUES | Bold Metals Makeup Brushes


Uniquely shaped, ergonomically designed and just simply luxe - I hardly get gushy about makeup brushes but this post has been a long time coming. The Bold Metals collection follows the success of Sam and Nic's Real Techniques drugstore priced and well marketed makeup brushes that's known for being some of the most popular synthetic options around. But if you're not quite satisfied with the rubber handle gathering dust, melting in the heat and bristles that loose its omph after a couple of months then these are the ones you need.

Real Techniques Bold Metals brush review

The Bold Metals range is the high-end lineup from Real Techniques and features colour coordinated high shine weighted handles, premium synthetic bristles and some unique designs that make them a collectible even if you are a brush connoisseur. Like a good paint brush does, the heavier balanced handle forces you to apply makeup a little differently and perhaps a little more delicately but after using them for a few months, they are still my most reached for tools. Although they are synthetic, the brush hairs washes up superbly without any fraying and even as I run them through a rainbow of colours from bright pink blush to black eye shadow, they wash up pristine without any staining.

The only thing that detracts from the quality is the fact that the paint/foil on the handles seems to ding really easily because despite keeping them in a jar and only using them at home. I have managed to get a few scratches on them so do treat them with extra care.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Make Up For Ever | High Precision Lip Pencil

Make Up For Ever lipliner

Ah, lip pencils. Every necessity or frivolous add on, I think it never hurts to have a few faithful in the back of your beauty drawer for perfecting that fussy lipstick. Make Up For Ever has been incredibly busy expanding their lip collection it seems and with that, they've recently re-released their classic wooden lip pencils. If you're still looking for some beauty regime builders, look this way.

Make Up For Ever Lipliner

Brand: Make Up For Ever
Product: High Precision Lip Pencil*
Size: 1.14gram
Colour(s): 12 MUFE website, 8 Sephora online
Price: $22 CAD / $18 USD
Availability: Sephora, MUFE Boutiques
Would I (re)purchase: Yes!

Make Up For Ever markets this lip liner collection as a set of neutral colours used to define and perfect the lip contour. Variations of nude, plum, rose and brown shades makes this a basic makeup wardrobe builder especially if you prefer earthy makeup or need something polished for work. Separated into three tonal families, there's a few variations in each of the nude, pink and red categories.

Make Up For Ever Lipliner

Make Up For Ever Lipliner
Top - Bottom | #23, #14, #40

Great balance between glide and durability, I like how they are so easy to apply without any tugging. I've used pencils that are more like glossy lipsticks and others that are thick and hard to manipulate but these are pretty fool proof. Colour comes on strong, glide is great and the formula allows for a little bit of blending but doesn't smear into nothingness if you rub it with your finger. Nothing intimidating here. 


This is where this MUFE pencil really shines and immediately jumped to my top drawer selection; these are one of the few options I can wear as an actual lipstick all over and look great throughout the day. Despite not labeled as a long lasting product per say (there's Aqualip for that), I found this to be very forgiving on my lips, did not accentuate my lip lines nor crack or made my lips look dry. That in itself deserves a gold star because I have an awful time wearing lip liners that not only last but doesn't parch my lips. Note that these do not claim to be and are not transfer proof but I have eaten with this and still came out with a good even stain.

Make Up For Ever Lipliner
ON MY LIPS: #14 all over

Make Up For Ever's High Precision Lip Pencil offers flexibility for wearing as a liner or going solo as a lipstick. Either way, the well curated selection of neutral shades offers lots of options for everyday colours and I can see these as a makeup staple for lipstick lovers especially. I was most impressed by how evenly and comfortably these wore throughout the hours while not enhancing my lip texture. Essentially, you (and I) need more of these.
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Saturday, February 11, 2017

3 Things | Combat winter frizz

Winter hair care
Winter hair care

Sweater hair. It's the nicer way to describe the annoying frizz that accompanies the season. My long hair is, more frequently than not, flat on top from hats and a complete mess on the bottom thanks to the dry air and the daily routine of pulling on my fuzzy knitwear. Currently on rotation are these three products I've been using in an attempt to win the frizz fight.

Post shampoo, I've been using a dollop of the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle* as a step up treatment from my usual conditioner. It's deceiving light in texture and spreads easily but it also does a great job at smoothing the ends of my hair. Compared to other Pantene conditioners, it seems to rinse cleaner but still leave my damp hair sleek and silky. And while I don't think my hair is super damaged per say, I like how this has been working as my regular winter conditioner. Unlike richer masks which can weigh down finer hair if used too frequently, this one still leaves me with movement and bounce so its a good match for those with oilier hair who need just a little something extra.

For those with coarser or harder to manage hair, the Kerastase Chronologiste Oil* might be your better winter option. Beyond the fact that it smells so sophisticated, this oil has more of a serum like consistency and is both a treatment, protectant and styling product. At the salon, my stylist mixed this with a smoothing cream then round brushed my hair to bouncy perfection but it's a little rich for me on the regular so I do use it more selectively. However, used on my mother's permed hair, this lets her air dry with soft definition and less frizz so she's a fan.

Of course I can't end without mentioning this cult classic, the Frizz Ease Secret Weapon*. I've put off trying this for years because I always thought it would be a heavy cream but if you find the golden ratio (use less, add more) then it just might grow into your daily standby. As a finishing product, I like this to smooth down my fresh curls after fluffing my hair upside down for root volume or as a perfecting product when pulling my hair into a ponytail. With a light texture but no hold, it's easy to get too product happy but I find a dime sized amount is just right for taming sweater hair and second day frizz.

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