Friday, January 13, 2017

PIXI | Rosette Rosey Radiance Palette + Look

PIXI Rosy Radiance Rosette Palette

What do you look for in an everyday makeup palette? Portability? Flexibility? Or maybe an all over, always fresh glow? I've recently found all three in a single makeup set and it's been my everyday go to quick fix for the last few weeks and it comes from an unexpected place... PIXI.

PIXI Rosy Radiance Rosette Palette

Brand: PIXI by Petra
Product: Rosette Rosy Radiance Palette*
Size: n/a
Price: $28 USD (by Target)
Availability: Look Fantastique, Target
Would I (re)purchase: Probably yes.

Having dabbled in quite a number of PIXI products in the last year, I've finally come to the conclusion that if it's wearable, non fussy make that you're looking for then this is the brand for you. While I'm not the biggest fan of their skincare despite the blogosphere hype, I have thoroughly been enjoying their intuitive products, easy to use formulas and highlights..oh my gosh the highlighters. 

PIXI Rosy Radiance Rosette Palette

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I made an Astoria Sweater | #sewwithgerry

Sewing Seamwork Astoria

The best way to feel like you're walking around in a blanket all day? Sweaters. Now since I do not have the patience for knitting, what better thing to do than zip through a simple sweater using the sewing machine. As most of my snuggly pieces are more of the over-sized (read: roll around the house) variety, I thought it would be nice to have a few little prim and proper ones to wear out. I did quite a score at the fabric store with this thick knit that's partial wool blend but has a smooth comfortable reverse so it won't irritate my skin. 

Sewing Seamwork Astoria

My Measurements: 34 - 27 - 37 | Size Made: Size 3
Edits: Lengthened body piece by 2"
Finishes: Seams zig-zagged, some left as is, double row stitching around hem and sleeves, top / edge-stitching around neckline and shoulders, shoulder ribbon detail

Because of the heft of this fabric, I wanted to go for a simple styling that didn't require me to sew through too many layers or have any detail work so Seamwork's Astoria cropped top pattern was a natural fit. The wider neckline and shorter body had a retro vibe that would pair nicely with pencil skirts or maybe also cigarette pants... if ever find a pair short enough for me. The overall silhouette is very generous at the shoulders and bust then tapers down to a tighter circumference at the waist so I do suggest going for the smaller of two sizes if you're stuck in between measurements.

Sewing Seamwork Astoria

Details I'm really proud of on this piece are the neat little rows of top stitching and edge stitching. Maybe its my new machine or I've just gotten more practice but you'd be surprised how hard it is to sew a straight line even if your machine is tuned to straight... a twitch of your hand and it breaks your groove. While there are a lot of pieces involved with the neckband, sleeves and waistband, the overall construction was very straight forward and I can definitely see another one of these in my future maybe in a sweatshirt knit with a cute applique design on the chest and pom poms around the neckline.

Chat soon,

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Treat yourself a little...everyday

Pink HM Glitter Shoes
Shoes: H&M | Perfume: Philosophy Amazing Grace* | Bracelet: Kate Spade Bangle

I used to be the type of person who wore, did,  used things out of efficiency and convenience but while I may have been productive, my days had little sparkle or joy. I could go on and root this to my mother who always insisted on function over form and rolled her eyes at my fussy things but truth is, if you aren't feeling it in your day to day life then maybe you haven't been treating yourself right. 

On the surface this sounds like awfully enabling talk to get you to buy more things you don't need but my point is not simply to have a larger collection but rather everyday pieces that puts a little spring in your step. Need a new pair of flats? Buy the pair with the sparkle. Eating dinner out of the same boring utilitarian bowl? Trade it for a bright and cheery piece of ceramic. Gotta wear a business outfit for work? Put on some polka dotted undergarments to start your morning. I think as a backlash towards our growing consumerism culture, people frown upon the idea of owning good things but I think the key is to be more critical of how your possessions are serving your life. For the past year, I've made a point to incorporate one happy thing into my life each day; something that gives me a giggle or a smile when I look at it and brightens the moment.... plus its more reason to shop for that perfect joy inducing thing, no?

Stay positive,

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Better Blogging | Efficiency tips for 2017!

New year, new improvements. As I have dedicated 2017 as a year of learning, I thought I'd start by sharing some suggestions on how to blog more efficiently and what has helped me cut down on fidgeting with the small things. Ideally, a blog should fit synergistcally in your life and not take over your life but for those of us juggling too many things all at once (that's probably another reduction goal), here's some daily tweaks to work smarter, not harder.

Blogging Tips

DEFAULT PHOTOS TO SQUARES | You're hooked up two a billion social media channels at once but it gets messy labeling your photos for Facebook, blog, Instagram and gosh knows what else. I finally got fed up with platforms resizing my photos so now I shoot most of my blog and product images in squares so I can use them simultaneously on the 'gram. Yes you have to relearn how to compose your photos but it pays off in the long run.

COPY & PASTE F.U.I | Otherwise known as frequently used information (yes, I made that up), I find it especially useful to type out things like social media links and other common info into a digital document / word processor and just slide it into my posts when I need them. If you make Youtube videos, having your links pre-written for the info bar and then pasting them into the browser means you don't have to retype, even if its just a few lines - it all adds up after 50 videos... and speaking of which...

PRE-FILM PRE-FILM PRE-FILM | I'm sure this is no surprise by now (and if it IS, then I'm actually stunned) but I will often pre-film 2-3 videos in one sitting when the house is quiet and natural lighting is cooperating. Change up your lipstick, add more eyeshadow, put up your hair and change your tops to create different days and let video magic do the rest.

WRITE WHEN IDEAS HIT | Sitting on the bus when a catchy starter pops in your head? Don't loose the moment; write things down when you think of them whether you use a notepad or an app / computer program. I prefer digital as I can go back and add to my post at anytime then pop it straight to my blog without having to transfer mediums. OneNote has been my fave since its quite literally the digital equivalent of a notebook, offering me easy organization via tabs and pages but can be accessed through any connect device.

TAKE YOUR OWN STOCK PHOTOS | See that photo up top for this post? I didn't take it with the intention of using it here but images are an important part of my blog aesthetic and while I could pull something up fro Google, there's an aspect of authenticity when you use your own photos because it will be your style. So make a habit of carrying your camera with you and taking casual photos. Even if they don't make any sense at the time, dump it in a stock photo folder and it just might save you one day.

Good luck,

Thursday, December 29, 2016

#2017MakeNine | My sewing projects for the new year!

In my mind, the trick to getting things done is to get a sneaky head start. In anticipation of starting the #2017MakeNine, a crafting community initiative by Rochelle (of, I am sharing with you my planned sewing projects for the upcoming year. Prior to discovering the tag, I had initially penned in 6 challenge projects but have now added 3 easier makes to sum up a total of 9 things. Play the video below to hear more about 'em!

  1. SEW OVER IT | Anderson blouse
  2. Slips & Petticoat (pattern undecided)
  3. SEW OVER IT | Betty dress
  4. MACCALLS 1748 | Bob Mackie ruffle dress
  5. SIMPLICITY 7262 | Retro cape
  6. BUTTERICK 6423 | Lisette loose coat
  7. TRU BIAS | Ogden Cami
  8. MCCALLS 7543 | Off the shoulder dress
  9. VICTORY PATTERNS | Sophia pencil skirt
Of course the tag is not limited to sewing and clothing but can include knitting projects, home decor and the like. But for those who are teetering on the edge of starting or learning to sew, I will be adding a new tab to my blog to link you to some free sewing patterns to help you get going. Come and join the handmade adventure!

Happy Sewing,

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Elegant Holiday Nails | My fave easy combination

Holiday Green Nail Polish

Holiday Green Nail Polish

AVON: Gel polish - Envy* | REVLON: Transforming topcoat - Cosmic Flakes*

While I've always enjoyed celebrating occasions, I'm usually not one to wear it as body decoration but as my social media feed is looking so festive lately I thought I'd take a little inspiration too. This gemstone manicure is earthy, elegant and reminds me of a gorgeously polished aventurine pendant. The simple combination of jewel toned base paired with flecks of shine isn't anything new but this Revlon topcoat looks just a little more interesting than simple glitter and the irregular shapes creates a authentic organic feel. Try pairing it with deep sienna, dark navy or even a rich cranberry base and let your nails join the party too.

Chat soon,