Wednesday, July 29, 2015

When in America | Mini Beauty Pickups

AquaNet-Nail Dryer-Clinque Super Moisture

One of the great hidden advantages to living in Vancouver is the completely doable travel distance to the USA. Why does this need to be highlighted you ask? Well... when in America, you buy all the things that we don't have access to at home. Simple things like hitting up Walmart all of a sudden becomes an adventure worth the trek down the I-5, traffic and all.  

Last weekend ended up with a trip to Seattle Premium Outlets via the lure of summer sales (which is another post altogether) and of course a stop by the Cosmetic Company Outlet; a Estee Lauder owned establishment which sells overstock, limited edition or discontinued EL aggregate branded products. I was dabbling in the Bobbi Brown and Ojion products when I suddenly spotted it out of the corner of my eye...the Clinique Super Moisture Makeup! Years ago, before glowy skin became trendy, this was my favourite illuminating foundation and somehow it had fallen off the shelves, never to be spotted again in stores. With this safely stashed in my shopping bag, I strolled down the Walmart beauty aisle looking for special releases and odd finds. The result was this adorably kitsch bottle of AquaNet Hairspray (I heard this was a total 80s craze) along with the ONYX Nail Dryer Spray; both amazingly affordable! Never underestimate the excitement that the rarity of an item can add to its allure. I can't wait to put these to the test.

Stay Beautiful.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Do you carry perfume: Nirvana White & Carven

Nirvana Perfume Oil - Ferragamo Bag

I've always wanted to be one of those women who carried perfume. A little vial stashed in a handbag and carefully reapplied while freshening up in the powder room; there's something charming and most romantic about it.

But while the perfect fragrance is up for debate, the universal problem that looms over this situation is how to discretely yet stylishly travel with your fragrance? Even with my growing collection of roller ball options, they're still not my ideal product as the more you roll, the more dirt and other floaters somehow always end up inside the tube.

Nirvana Perfume Oil - Ferragamo Bag

Lately, I've been toting around this delicate miniature bottle of Nirvana White* from Elizabeth and James. Holding around 14ml in a drop dispenser bottle, this is actually a perfume oil that you can apply to your skin or even hair all without making a fuss. Distinctively peony, White has a sweet presence that's balanced by a slight musky under note and a touch of green from lily of the valley that makes a beautiful young daytime scent or even better when layered over something slightly stronger. The oil format is easy to reapply (as in, not dousing everyone else around you) but I also find it wears closer to the skin compared to the spray version which is great if you work in close quarters with others.

Alternatively, I've also been rationing my sample via of Le Parfume by Carven... a floral mix of mandarin blossom, jasmine, ylang-ylang which settles with a hint of patchouli lingering on the skin. Completely out of my comfort zone, the subtly bitter tinge of patchouli brings a grown up quality to an otherwise heady cocktail. In fact, I can mostly definitely see a full bottle of this in my future (just you wait until September) and it makes for a great signature fragrance for someone who's young at heart but still want a classic aura. But for hiding inside even the smallest clutch, this sample vial does its job perfectly. In fact, I can get in a discrete spritz even on the bus... you know, just in case you catch someone's eye as your make your exit. Let me know what you've been wearing this time of the year and how you like to carry our perfume?

Stay lovely.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Shoe Haul | Work + Casual Style

Who knew the things you put on your feet can ever be quite so interesting. The past few weeks yeilded a goldmine in awesomely affordable, everyday style shoes. On a side note, lets not confuse everyday with boring because I think there are time where a shoe should shine on it's own and a time where it should play a supporting role to your amazing wardrobe. And guess what? They're all totally walkable.


I'm really thrilled about welcoming these lovelies to my closet; it's been far too long that I've purchased shoes that were both functional and pretty all at once and of course, you can't beat the thrill of a sale. In the bigger picture though, this shopping extravaganza lately is part of my Wardrobe Architect Project and I've been working hard on purging the old and re-consolidating a closet of things that make me smile. Interestingly, the weather is now full blown rain as I'm typing this post and it seems like I didn't quite get any rain appropriate footwear....

Happy Shoe Hunting.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

My Everyday Makeup Brushes | Video

everyday makeup brushes

Brushes seem to really divide the everyday beauty lovers. While I know women who wouldn't blink an eye at dropping a hundred (or two) on a single brush, others couldn't care less. My personal philosophy on the subject?

80% function, 20% fun.

For my everyday makeup routine however, it's really about a set of muti-tasking, fool proof tools that can take a beating and still give me great results in a flash. Whatever I decide to do, they are ready to deliver results. I've been told that I have somewhat unconventional taste in brushes, so let's compare!

  • REAL TECHNIQUES | Expert Face Brush
  • MAC | #130 Brush
  • POSH | Travel Blush Brush (discontinued)
  • ROYAL & LANGNICKEL | Complexion C185 Brush
  • POSH | Powder Brush (discontinued)
  • ROYAL & LANGNICKEL | Domed Powder Brush
  • ROYAL & LANGNICKEL | Sponge Tip Applicator
  • LISE WATIER | Eyeshadow Brush
  • LISE WATIER | Definition Brush
  • LISE WATIER | Structure Eye Contour Brush
  • CROWN | Small Round Contour (C149)

At the end of the day though, how well your makeup looks isn't solely dependent on your brushes. I've seen plenty of great makeup done with minimal tools and equally as many you-really-shouldn't-leave-the-house-like-this looks done with an entire brush belt. And all this can vary depending on the which parts of the face we're considering; face brushes are easily crowd pleasers but eye brushes for example are especially personal. Which brush shapes do you find easiest to work with? Fill me in!

Blend. Blend. Blend.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Haul | Summer Natural Beauty Products (iHerb) + Video

There's something about the summer heat that makes me crave...face wash? Yes. Whatever it is, I've recently bought three deep clean, exfoliating, warm weather worthy cleansers from my latest iHerb purchases. It just feels like you can never get clean enough in the muggy heat! Oh and of course some makeup snuck into my basket too.

iHerb beauty haul

Ordering from iHerb for the first time?
 Gives you $5OFF (orders less than $40), $10OFF (orders more than $40)*

Admittedly, I've already busted out the Acure Cleansing Gel in excitement and it's been a great refresher this time of the year; a welcomed change from the high foaming products I'm normally using. The Brightening Scrub has also seen some action at the sink but it's too quick to judge yet. More on everything in a couple more weeks but do let me know what your little eyes have been eyeing in these warm weathered months!


* This post contains an iHerb rewards code that I was given upon my introduction as a first time customer. When used by other first time customers, I gain rewards points which can be redeemed towards my own next purchase for a limited time. This "cash back" reward comes from iHerb's own marketing budget, not from your order.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Skin Inc | Awesome 3-Step for Perfect Skin Set

Skin Inc Skincare Review -pbuniep

Modern, simple, treatment-targeted products is the updated way to look at your everyday skincare routine. As someone who writes about beauty products on the regular, I can try my best to recommend products for each skin type but the person who really understands your skin is well... you.

Skin Inc. is the first brand I've seen in the western mass market to bring completely customizable treatment products that you can mix and match for your own current skincare needs, without ever setting foot in a dermatologists office (there's a place and time for that!). If you're a frequent Sephora stalker, I mean shopper, then you must have noticed the brightly coloured vials lined up on the skincare shelf.

Skin Inc Skincare Review -pbuniep

SKIN INC. | Awesome 3-Step Skincare Kit* | $65USD (Sephora Exclusive)

I've spent about two weeks with Skin Inc.'s 3-Step starter kit which includes their prepping Pure Revival Peel, Custom Blended Anti-aging Serum and the Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask. Conceived in Singapore, made in Japan and available world wide, the sleek clean packaging reflects their brand aesthetic of providing simple, effective and easy to use products but there's more than what meets the eye here.