Saturday, April 23, 2016

3 Things: Sephora VIB Spring Haul

Sephora VIB Sale Makeup

One of the best spring things to look forward to is definitely the bi-annual Sephora sale. Having spent an alarming amount of dollars in the past year at beauty heaven, I've recently been upgraded to VIB status (yes, a silver card!) which means a cushy 15% discount during sale week. Though I have a long rolling list of things on my wishlist, I decided to go with the frivolous wants and ended up with these 3 little beauties.

You'll recognize the Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder Foundation straight away as it received a glowing review from me just a few months ago. Indeed the medium coverage, smooth texture and skin enhancing effect is a rare gem in my powder collection and whilst the stores seems to have stopped stocking this, I was eager to get a lighter shade online. Pick it up if you see it because I have a feeling this is going to be discontinued in favour of their new (and more expensive) pressed powder foundation.

Now for the record, I've never actually owned a single Hourglass product (save for a little sample of their primer) and despite the hype all around the blogosphere I was just never completely convinced whenever I stopped by to swatch their compacts. But when the Ambient Strobing Powder series came out it was love at first swipe. Even though I'm not a meticulous contour and highlight fan, there is a truly special ethereal quality about the shimmer in this powder that reminds me of galactic stardust. It's unlike anything I've seen before so of course the shade Brilliant went into my basket.

In the hair department, the Alterna Caviar CC Cream has been on my Sephora wishlist forever and I decided it was either now or never to finally try it out. The concept of a do-it-all product for hair sounds perfect for unskilled (and lazy) beauty lovers like me who want a polished look but who don't have the finesse to put a lot of effort into hair styling. It's formulated to provide manageability, shine, UV protection plus strengthen and moisturize hair; all while the extra hold formula locks the style in place. This particular version is new (and recommend for thick hair) but I also redeemed for a sample of the original and will report back on which one I liked better.

Did you splurge during the Sephora sale?
Let me know!

 Happy Weekend,
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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Makeup Look | Blooming Orchid Smokey Eye | ft. THEFACESHOP


Late March on the Westcoast brings a warm breeze that's been ushering in the blooming magnolia trees, the first of sandals of the year and lush spring beauty looks. While floral tones are especially lovely this time of the year, I find purples to be an easy transitional shade to wear and can be adapted depending on the rest of your makeup.


For this orchid smokey eye I went with light glowing skin using The Face Shop's new CC Ultra Moist Cushion (see it in action in my latest Youtube video). This feels light and comfortable while giving a really fresh glow that settles nicely my skin after a hour or so. Some days I do set the T-zone with a powder but this time I decided to leave it as it is. To keep the whole look spring themed, I chose a coral ombre lip that was soft yet pretty using a lip tint rubbed in the center and a light gloss dabbed lightly all over.

 THEFACESHOP CC Cushion Makeup

  • THEFACESHOP | CC Ultra Moist Cushion | Apricot Beige
  • THEFACESHOP | Single Blush | OR01 & PP01
  • THEFACESHOP | Baked Shadow | PK02
  • THEFACESHOP | Style My Eyebrow | 02
  • THEFACESHOP | Ink Graffi Liquid Eyeliner | 02 Dark Brown
  • THEFACESHOP | Secret Lip Tint | 06 Grapefruit
  • THEFACESHOP | Real Gloss Vivid | OR01    


To soften up the smokey eye, I concentrated most of the depth at the outer edges while keeping the rest of the colour light on the lids. You've gotta be a little impressed that the colour here is created with a single eyeshadow duo! Then, in an unusual move, I swapped my usual deep black liner for a brown liquid liner to add definition without looking heavy. The result altogether is surprisingly pretty and even a little ethereal when catching the sunlight. For those who don't usually wear much makeup, this is a colourful nighttime option and for those wear more everyday, this isn't too heavy to wear out with your spring outfits. I hope you give this look a try and don't forget to check out my Korean Baby-Skin video with The Face Shop if you haven't already.

Happy Spring,

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Review: Lipstick Queen | Sinner vs. Saint Lipsticks (Scarlet & Julia)

If there's one thing that makes a beauty product instantly more covetable, its the elusive factor. I've long heard about Lipstick Queen from bloggers in the UK (they are total enablers I'm telling you) but it's actually created from Australian born Poppy King who traveled the world working in cosmetics before starting her own range of lip products. Her claim to fame in my books? A great range of classic shades with bold saturation in corresponding matte and sheer formulations. All good things come in twos.

Lipstick Queen Sinner Saint

Brand: Lipstick Queen
Product: Saint Wine* (sheer), Pinky Nude Sinner* (matte)
Colours: 20 shades (in both formulas)
Size: 3.5grams
Price: $30 CAD
Availability: Scarlet & Julia (online), Nordstrom Canada

With all the ranges that Poppy has put out, her take on the Sinner and Saint combination was a genius concept. Twenty everyday classic shades are offered in Sinner (opaque matte) and Saint (sheer) formulations so you can always have your favourite lipstick to wear however you like. If you're a bit of an lipstick addict, you know the frustration of finding the right shade but wanting just a little something extra. With this range, I can wear the same colour in sheer for casual makeup and the opaque version for a more done up look - great for a day to night transition for example!

There's a certain vintage aesthetic to the boxes and the lipsticks come in nicely weighted, slightly rubberized casings. Their slim compact design may look standard here but some of her other ranges have quite striking colour design combinations.

Lipstick Queen Sinner Saint
L-R | Saint Wine | Pinky Nude Sinner

Monday, March 7, 2016

Everyday Makeup | February Face + Video

  • PAUL & JOE | Moisturizing Primer*
  • LAURA MERCIER | Mineral Pressed Powder | Review
  • TOO FACED | Candle Light Glow*
  • GUERLAIN | Blush Duo* - Shade:Smile
  • MAYBELLINE | Brow Drama Palette - Shade: Dark
  • MINERAL FUSION | Lip Sheer Lipstick - Shade: Exotic

I use to be the type of girl to wear a full face of glam or no makeup at all. "What's the point of being half-done", I used to think to myself. Yet lately I've been testing out this idea of light makeup. Being so used to the full face I wear when filming it felt a little strange to go light but now it's become a bit of a morning perk-up routine that I quite enjoy. On these days, my focus is definitely on skin as that's where tiredness, spots and redness take a toll on my overall appearance but a little blush and lipstick never hurts either; in fact matching them together actually creates a very pretty yet delicate look! So, here's to a great start in March and many more makeup products.


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The sale on sale fashion haul

F21 Haul

What's better than shopping during a sale? 

... an additional 50%OFF sale items promo of course! That's exactly what I chanced upon when strolling by the F21 shop last week. By now you've probably gathered that I shop at F21 quite often. And while the draw isn't the crop tops or the slogan tees, I love the incredible variety they've got and I can often find a few classic things that suit my taste without breaking the wallet. This time around I'm completely thrilled with these purchases because there's some fabulous textural fabrics here which will be so versatile.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Review: SEKKISEI | Japanese Whitening Skincare

Sekkisei Japanese Whitening Skincare

Inspired by the beauty, brightness and purity of snow.

Sekkisei's arrival in Canada last year marked such an exciting turn in Asian skincare. For more than two decades, this Japanese line with its combination of herbal extracts has been a sought after name in brightening and whitening skincare. Inspired by the purity of snow, the range is created to impart an ethereal, radiant skin tone with beautiful translucence. From what I gathered, Sekkisei has divided the products into a regular line and an enhanced "Excellence" line which is more potent and hydrating.

Believe me when I say that I squealed out loud when I saw this come through in the mail!